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If you are looking to bank with UBA (United Bank for Africa) in Ghana, you’re in luck. UBA has been providing unbroken banking services in Nigeria since 1948 and became the first of a new wave of foreign banks to establish a presence in Ghana in January 2005.

Over the years, UBA’s presence in Ghana’s banking sector has propelled it to a higher level of performance, with consumer demand-driven innovation and competition being the main driving forces.

UBA Ghana History and Growth

UBA’s journey in Ghana began in 2005 with its first branch, and since then, it has expanded its footprint in the country. The Ghanaian public has come to trust UBA’s world-class customer-driven innovations, and the bank has continued to offer financial services to a wide variety of customers. Today, UBA operates 24 branches and a total of 32 ATMs throughout Ghana.

UBA’s commitment to customer satisfaction and financial inclusion has made it a preferred choice for many Ghanaians. The bank’s branches are strategically located in various cities, making it convenient for customers to access their services. Whether you are in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi, or any other major city in Ghana, you can find a UBA branch near you.

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UBA Branches in Ghana

Here is a comprehensive list of UBA branches in Ghana, along with their contact information and working hours:

No.Business OfficeLocation AddressDigital AddressContactWorking Hours
1ABEKA LAPAZAkro-Gate Towers, Off Akwetyman, Lapaz RoadGA-351-31510577704002MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
2ABOSSEY OKAIUrban Rose Plaza, 13 Winneba road, PampromGA-263-34200577704028MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
3ACCRA CENTRALNo. 507 Liberty Avenue, White Chapel BuildingGA-182-20430577704000MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
4AFLAOAflao Border, Exit gate, Southern-end, AflaoVZ-0326-59490577704026MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
5AIRPORT59 Patrice Lumumba Road, Airport Residential AreaGA-116-84680577704027MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
6ALABARZE66 Manhyia Road, Alabar, KumasiAK-007-85480577704015MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
7CORPORATEHeritage Tower, Ambassadorial Enclave, Near Cedi House, Off Liberia Road, RidgeGA-077-19060577704010MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
8DZORWULUNo. 47 Blohum Street, Near Medi fem Clinic, Dzorwulu, GhanaGA-121-93350577704023MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
9LABONEHse. No. 96B Sithhole St., 5th Circular Road, Opp. Bosphorus Restaurant & Cafe, LaboneGL-040-27880577704030MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
10EAST LEGON 14 Boundary Road East Legon, Near America HouseGA-411-08300577704005MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
11EAST LEGON 2No. 382 Lagos Avenue St., East LegonGA-378-68580577704018MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
12KANTAMANTOTarzan Building Complex, Kantamanto, Accra CentralGA-140-14040577704074MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 10AM-3PM
13KEJETIAOpposite Unicom House, Kumasi Station, KejetiaAK-019-99180577704012MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
14KNUSTOpp. Old administration block, KNUST campus, KumasiAK 315-89580577704009MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
15ADUMNo. 2 Block llA, Palace Road, OTA Layout, Adum, KumasiAK-038-91130577704020MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
16MADINAHollywood Shopping Complex – REDCO, MadinaGM-016-44160577704022MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
17RING ROADOpposite Deutsche Int’l Schule, Ring-roadGA-027-79340577704003MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
18SPINTEXMeacham Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Plot 128, SpintexGZ-203-02700577704021MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
19SUAMEPlot 3 Block A, Suame, Tarkwa LayoutAK 082 74890577704025MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 10AM-3PM
20TAKORADINo. 52/1 John Sarbah Road, Former BHC Building, Market CircleWS-202-46850577704001MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
22TEMA MAINGreenwich Tower, Opp. former Black Star Line, Meridian Road, Community 1GT-024-45770577704006MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
23TESHIELascala junction, Near KAIPC, TeshieGZ-058-51400577704024MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
24TANOSOAkenten Appiah Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED)AK-643-21720577704016MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
25NORTH INDUSTRIAL AREANumber 612 Dabeben Road Near News Time CorporationGA-134-53930577704029MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
26TAMALEWard M Plot C4 North Lamashegu Res Area, TamaleNT-0017-23190577704019MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM
27ACHIMOTABanking Farm, ABC junction mile 7 AchimotaGE-370-18440577704004MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
28TARKWASt. Matthew Catholic Church, Abuoso Road-TarkwaWT-0005-33300577704017MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
29KASOAKasoa New Market RoadCX-004-62920271133434MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM
30KEJETIA MARKETKumasi Central MarketAK-017-57770577704012MON-FRI @ 8AM-4PM SAT @ 9AM-2PM

Please note that the working hours may vary, and it is advisable to contact the respective branch or visit the official UBA Ghana website for the most up-to-date information.


UBA’s presence in Ghana’s banking sector has brought about a new level of performance, with customer-driven innovation and competition driving the industry forward. With its commitment to excellence and financial inclusion, UBA has become a trusted bank for many Ghanaians. Whether you are in Accra, Kumasi, Tamale, or any other major city in Ghana, you can easily access UBA’s services through their wide network of branches and ATMs. Visit the nearest UBA branch to experience world-class banking services and customer satisfaction.

Visit UBA Ghana’s official website for more information about their services and offerings.

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