Exploring the Red-Light District in Accra: Accra’s Top Ashawo Joints

Frank Osei Nyarko
By Frank Osei Nyarko - NyarkoWiz 6 Min Read
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Accra, the bustling capital city of Ghana, is known for its vibrant nightlife and diverse culture. Amidst the lively streets and energetic atmosphere, there lies a hidden world – the red-light district.

In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of the red-light district in Accra, sharing personal experiences, shedding light on the legalities surrounding prostitution in Ghana, and providing a comprehensive list of the top Ashawo (prostitutes) joints in the city.

Before we delve into the details of the red-light district in Accra, it’s important to address the legality of prostitution in Ghana.

Prostitution is illegal in Ghana, as it is in many African countries. However, despite its illegality, the sex trade continues to thrive in certain areas, including Accra.

It’s worth noting that while arrests are occasionally made, the lack of substantial evidence often results in the suspects being released and returning to business as usual.

The Red-Light District: A Growing Industry in Accra

Over the years, the sex trade business has grown exponentially in Accra. It is not uncommon to find both Ghanaians and foreigners migrating to the city for the sole purpose of engaging in this industry.

As we explore the red-light district, it becomes apparent that the trade attracts a diverse clientele, ranging from locals to international visitors.

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An Unexpected Encounter: My Experience in Accra’s Red-Light District

During one of my visits to Accra, I found myself inadvertently stumbling upon the red-light district. It was a Saturday night, and my travel partner and I decided to take a leisurely walk along Oxford Street Osu after a few drinks. Unbeknownst to us, Oxford Street Osu is known to be a popular spot for sex workers.

As we strolled along the street, I struck up a conversation with a young woman who, at first glance, didn’t fit the stereotypical image of a sex worker. Little did I know that I had unwittingly engaged in a negotiation with a prostitute. It was a surprising and eye-opening experience, one that I am now sharing with you.

Peeling Back the Veil: A Glimpse into the Lives of Sex Workers

Through my conversation with the sex worker, I gained insight into the world of prostitution in Accra. Despite the moral and ethical implications, it is essential to acknowledge that these women are making a living out of this profession. However, the life of a sex worker is not without its risks and challenges.

Pricing and Negotiations: The Economics of Prostitution

During our conversation, the sex worker disclosed the pricing structure of her services. The charges varied depending on factors such as the client’s appearance and location. For a night spent at the client’s place, the fees ranged from Gh600 ($100) for a high-end client to as low as Gh50 ($8) for a short encounter if the market was slow. It is worth noting that these figures are approximate and may vary.

The Dark Side of Prostitution: Risks and Dangers

While the financial aspect of prostitution may seem enticing to some, it is crucial to acknowledge the inherent risks and dangers that sex workers face.

The sex worker I spoke with candidly admitted that her profession puts her at risk of physical harm and even death. Instances of sexual abuse, coercion, and human trafficking are not uncommon within the industry.

Revealing Accra’s Top Ashawo Joints

For those curious about the locations and prevalence of prostitution in Accra, we have compiled a list of some notable Ashawo joints. Please note that the information provided is based on research and may not represent the current state of affairs. Prices mentioned may also vary.

  1. Ashaiman behind the police station, also known as 18 or Tsinaagbe – 20 Ghs
  2. Sakumono Titanic beach – 25 Ghs
  3. Tema Com.7 – 300 to 550 Ghs
  4. Tema Com.1 – 20 to 30 Ghs
  5. Spintex Kotobabi (Opposite Ecobank) – 20 to 150 Ghs
  6. Nungua Washing Bay (Abrefi) – 20 to 30 Ghs
  7. Nungua Katamanton (Italian Boys) – 20 to 30 Ghs
  8. Teshie Twibl3oo – 20 Ghs
  9. Labadi Township (maamli) Abese – 10 to 30 Ghs
  10. Osu Castle road – 20 Ghs
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In Conclusion

The red-light district in Accra offers a glimpse into a world often shrouded in secrecy. While prostitution remains illegal in Ghana, the trade continues to thrive, presenting both economic opportunities and significant risks for those involved. By shedding light on this complex issue, we hope to foster understanding and initiate conversations that address the challenges faced by sex workers in Accra and beyond.

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