21 Ashawo Joints In Accra: New Prices and Locations

Frank Osei Nyarko
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Prostitution is a controversial and illegal activity in Ghana, yet it continues to prevail in certain areas, including the Greater Accra Region.

Despite the legal consequences, some individuals in high positions of power and politicians are known to patronize these services.

In a recent development, a list of 21 prosti.tute establishments, commonly referred to as “Ashawo” joints, has surfaced, along with the corresponding fees charged at each location.

This article will delve into the details of these establishments, shedding light on their locations and the price ranges for their services.

The Prevalence of Prostitution in Ghana

Prostitution is officially prohibited in Ghana, but it persists due to various reasons.

Although occasional arrests are made, the accused are often released without facing significant consequences. Some even claim that security officers themselves engage in these activities in exchange for immunity.

This illicit business is not only limited to Ghanaians but also attracts foreigners who visit the country specifically to participate in the trade.

The Emergence of “Ashawo” Joints in Accra

Prostitution in Ghana has become more organized, with specific areas in the capital city, Accra, being dedicated to these activities.

Similar to the commercial use of motorbikes, known as Okada, prostitution now takes place in defined regions within the city.

These areas have become hotspots for sex workers and clients seeking their services.

The List of “Ashawo” Joints in the Greater Accra Region

A Facebook user named Amakye Nie compiled a comprehensive list of prominent Ashawo eateries in the Greater Accra Region, along with the corresponding rates for various services.

It is important to note that the prices mentioned below may vary depending on the type of service requested and the location of the establishment. Higher-end neighborhoods tend to have higher fees compared to lower-class areas.

Here is a breakdown of the Ashawo Joints and their prices:

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No.LocationPrice Range (GHS)
1Ashaiman behind the police station (18 or Tsinaagbe)20
2Sakumono Titanic beach25
3Tema Com.7300 – 550
4Tema Com.120 – 30
5Spintex Kotobabi (Opposite Ecobank)20 – 150
6Nungua Washing Bay (Abrefi)20 – 30
7Nungua Katamanton (Italian Boys)20 – 30
8Teshie Twibl3oo20
9Labadi Township (Maamli) Abese10 – 30
10Osu Castle road20
11Accra Rawlings park10 (flat rate)
12Achimota St John’s Beside Vision One FM30 – 45
13Circle Obra spots area15 (including hotel)
14Circle Railway lines10 (15 if kiosk payment required)
15East Legon Atemuda70 (if car parked around), 40 (for a BJ), 100 (standard rate)
16Lapaz Abrante3 Spot Footbridge30 – 70
17Lapaz Bigot50 – 100
18Kasoa Budumburam20 – 40 (lower if Indomie is provided)
19Odokor Traffic Light20 – 35 (including kiosk)
20Cantonment50 (for a BJ in a car), 150 – 300 (short time)
21Madina10 (15 if extra services requested)

Please note that these prices are subject to change and may not reflect the current rates. It is always advisable to exercise caution and respect when engaging in any such activities.

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The Allure and Challenges of Prostitution in Ghana

The profitability of the sex trade in Ghana has attracted both local and foreign individuals.

The allure of easy money and the potential to cater to a diverse clientele have made it a lucrative business. However, the illegal nature of the profession brings its own set of challenges.

Sex workers face social stigma, health risks, and potential exploitation. Efforts to regulate and decriminalize prostitution have been ongoing, but significant progress is still needed.

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Prostitution, despite being illegal, continues to exist in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. The emergence of specific areas dedicated to these activities has made it more organized and accessible.

The list of 21 “Ashawo” joints mentioned above provides an overview of the locations and charges involved.

While this article aims to shed light on the topic, it is crucial to approach these matters with sensitivity and respect for all individuals involved.

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